Place of Skulls - The Band

We originally started this website as we are big fans of the band Place of Skulls so let me tell you a little about the band and its’ history.
Places of Skulls was started by Victor Griffin of Knoxville, Tennessee. he was the ex-guitarists from the band Pentagram in 2000. He had about four years between leaving Pentagram and forming Place of Skulls. 

During this troubled period of Victor’s life, he became a Christian. HE states "I surrounded to God". This was around the time of his fathers death from cancer. It is believed this is where the bands name originates from being a biblical reference from Golgotha.

The first Album titled “Nailed “was released in 2002 and many of the tracks on this album clearly have been heavily influenced by Victors’ newfound beliefs.

The four tracks that were heavily influenced on this album were
1 Consuming Fire
2 Cornerstone
3 Days Of Trouble
4 Blood Of Jesus

These were released on an EP in 2005 called "Love Through The Blood" 

The second album (released in 2003) saw Scott Wino join and “With Vision” was released. Scots time was quite brief as shortly after this album was released, he left the band joining The Hidden Hand.

In 2006 the band signed to Germany's Exile on Mainstream Records and released the album “The Black Is Never Far Away”.

In 2010, the band released their fourth album, “As a Dog Returns

The last Album was "In Gravel" was released in June 2016     
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