High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Programs

High Ticket affiliate marketing is the kind of affiliate program where the value of goods you are promoting has a high value., thus your chances of making a higher commission are greater.

What many marketers do not consider is that where some affiliate marketing programs pay one or two percentage points, you could be focusing your attention elsewhere and get 10% or higher of any qualifying sales.

Now getting one per cent on a $10 product from the Amazon affiliate program might be an achievement; imagine you could get a 10% share of a $500,000 sale elsewhere as part of a different affiliate program!

One of the top paying affiliate marketing programs we have come across is in the gold, silver, platinum and palladium niche, where a single click from your website could get you tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Top Paying Affiliate Programs - Gold and Precious Metals

Top Gold Affiliate Programs

Best Gold Affiliate Programs

You have probably arrived here looking to find details of the top affiliate programs that will make you the most affiliate commission, and we will not disappoint you. We have found that the best affiliate programs by far are gold and silver programs and other precious metals programs.

We have worked in various niches and made money in most of them over the years. We have been an eBay affiliate and Amazon affiliate. We have been an affiliate in most of the key niches, from dating to diets, from getting your ex back to how to build muscle. We have found that the niche we have made more money in than all the other niches combined is that of gold and gold ira investing.

Beware precious metals is a competitive area with some very serious players in the niche. But you do not get serious players unless they are making serious money.


Why the Best Programs Can Make Your Serious Amounts of Money

But what is serious money?

As an example, one of the best programs pays up to $200 for a qualified lead. Yes, you heard me correctly $200 for the qualified lead, not for a sale, just for a qualified lead!

If the Gold Affiliate Program company then converts the qualified lead into a sale, you get up to 10% of all qualifying revenue. So what does that look like in terms of money in your pocket? If you become one of the best gold affiliates, you could be making up to $500k.

Yes, I did say $500k, oh, and I meant $500k a month, not a year! But you would need to be an excellent gold affiliate to make that sort of money.

As an example, one of our recommended companies leader board of affiliates showed the ten best affiliates making over $7k partway through the month, and the top 5 were all making well over $100k in Feb 2022

You would have to sell many items on Amazon to come anywhere near the amount of money earned by the tenth best affiliate for just one of the gold companies.

Many of the best affiliates will be doing review sites and be gold affiliate partners for at least the top 5 or 6 gold and precious metal companies and earning commissions from each of these companies.

The joy of the gold affiliate niche is that all you have to do is generate quality traffic and let the gold companies do all the work to convert the lead they have already paid you for into a sale.

The best gold affiliate programs will convert around 45% of your qualified leads into sales.

The gold dealers programs provide all the banners and marketing material you need and are there to support your efforts.

We suggest you get in on the precious metals affiliate niche very quickly; the niche is getting more competitive by the day. Still, it is not too late to get in if you are quick.


How to Apply For the Best Gold Affiliate Programs

Six simple steps to join the best High Ticket  Gold Affiliate programs

  1. Devise a strategy to get high quality leads, this could include building an email list, SEO PPC, Banner Advertising, YouTube Social or anything creative you can think of.
  2. Sign up to become an affiliate, you can apply for one or all the programs detailed below by clicking one or more of the links for the companies we have listed.
  3. Generate qualified leads
  4. Get paid a lead fee per lead
  5. Site back and let the precious metals broker convert the sale for you
  6. Generate an invoice periodically to the precious metals companies and bank your affiliate commission.
american Hartford gold affiliate Program

Pays a starting 3% commission and converts better than some other programs we have tried. They say they only pay 3% but if you perform well you can easily negotiate this up to about 6%

goldco affilaite program

Pays up to $200 for a qualified lead and 10% commission for qualifying sales decent conversion rate. Probably the best affiliate program in the precious metals space

Augusta Precious Metals affilaite Program

Augusta Precious Metals pays up to $200 for a qualified lead and 10% commission for qualifying sales decent conversion rate

REgal Assets Management Affiliate program

Regal Assets Gold and Silver Program Pays a 3% commission. Regal Assets also has a decent length cookie policy for gold and silver bullion and physical gold and silver.

Birch Gold affilaite Program

Birch Gold Group Pays a 3% commission 

Gold Affiliate Program Questions and Answers

What affiliate program for gold and silver is best?

The best affiliate program for gold and silver is either Goldco or Augusta Precious Metals Program as these have a long cookie duration.

What Products will you get paid on?

The best affiliate program for gold and silver is either Goldco or Augusta Precious Metals Program as these have a long cookie duration.You will get paid when people looking to invest provide

What amount do Gold Affilaites get paid per qualified lead?

Some precious metal industry players do not pay any commission for leads, whilst others pay up to $200 per qualified lead. The real affiliate commission comes in when your prospect becomes a customer and buys gold silver or gold IRAs. and then you could be making 10% if the cap[ital invested

What Marketing Materials are provided for you as gold affiliates?

Marketing Materials such as banners, videos and emails are provided.  These include things like logos from the better business bureau. The best gold affiliate programs provide a wide range of highly tested banners.